November 2023 – It’s Harvest Time – Take Full Advantage of the Ambrosia Apple Harvest Season

Ambrosia apples - vegan monthCelebrating World Vegan Month with Ambrosia Apples


World Vegan Month, celebrated every November, has become a prominent event for those who follow a vegan lifestyle or are simply interested in exploring the benefits of plant-based eating…



ambrosia apples wontons recipe

Ambrosia Apples Cookbook – Baked Apple Pie Wontons

Baked Ambrosia Apple Pie Wontons are a delightful and creative twist on the traditional apple pie



Ambrosia apples storage

Keeping the Harvest – Apple Storage

Whether you bought them in bulk, picked them from your tree, or simply want to make sure your supply stays fresh, this article will guide you on the best way to store Ambrosia apples for an extended shelf life…


Ambrosia Apples coleslaw recipe

Recipe of the Month: Vegan Ambrosia Apple Slaw

Creamy coleslaw makes a great side dish at any barbecue or as a contribution to a potluck. However, with so many people going vegan these days, it can be a challenge to make it tasty without the mayo…



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