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October 2020 – It’s Harvest Time!

Ambrosia apples harvest

Harvest Time!

It’s OUR most wonderful time of the year – Harvest Time! You may have noticed BC Ambrosia apples are available at your local produce store. Ambrosia farmers are busy picking, sorting, and getting your favourite apples to market.
For details about everything that goes into the harvest, check out this video:

Ambrosia apples cooking

Chef Check In

Over the Spring and Summer, we checked in with some of the chefs whose recipes are featured on our website. We examined how their lives, and careers, had changed since their recipe’s debut. We hope you enjoyed these updates, and thought you’d want to revisit some of these amazing original creations.
Here’s Chef Adair Scott’s Ambrosia Apple Fritter with Salted Caramel Recipe: CLICK HERE

growers of Ambrosia apples

Meet The Farmers

We started a new blog series last month, Meet the Farmers, where we’ve been catching up with some of our Ambrosia apple farmers. Last month, we caught up with Richard and Denise MacDonald, who were some of the first Ambrosia orchardists. Check out their story here, and stay tuned for more news from the farmers…- CLICK HERE

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Juicing is a health craze that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. There are many different ways to jump on this juicy health trend. Ambrosia apples make delicious juice so we thought we’d take a look at the best way to extract the nectar. You can find our comparison of different juicing options in our blog.

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