October 2018 – Making the most of Ambrosia season with double the recipes!

Nutty Ambrosia Apple Rocket Salad

This salad is the perfect marriage of summer freshness and autumn comfort. The peppery arugula along with the crispy Ambrosia apples are summer in a bowl. Meanwhile, the creamy, hemp heart dressing and toasted nuts are hearty enough for a fall meal.

Nutty Ambrosia Apple Rocket Salad Recipe

Nutty Ambrosia Apple Rocket Salad Recipe

This can be your main course but it’s also a lovely accompaniment to fish or chicken. Delish!

Ambrosia apple growers Canada

Have You Met an Ambrosia Apple Farmer Lately?

Behind every BC-grown Ambrosia apple is a hard-working farmer. And, each farmer is a little different thanks to their unique farming story. We think they’re pretty fabulous. If you haven’t met any lately, we invite you to visit our website and get to know us a little better.  Start here.

Ambrosia apples Canada

When World Cuisine’s Collide

Ambrosia apples are distinctly Canadian but what would happen if you applied a distinctly Swedish cooking style? You’d get a crust-less apple pie inspired by the chefs at the famous Hasselbacken Restaurant. And the ice cream on top? We borrowed that from another culture. The international result is one delectable dessert. Grab the recipe here.

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You Said It!

Now that the fruits of our harvest are in store, social media is abuzz with Ambrosia apple love. Here are a few tweets we intercepted recently.

@MrMichaelNewman: Also just found out that the Ambrosia Apple was founded right here in BC!
(and, proud of it – learn more here!)

@peter1anderson: I am jumping on the Ambrosia Apple bandwagon…

@Cathedraleagles: To celebrate fall, the Extended Care students had an apple tasting contest. The winning apple was Ambrosia!

@sandyincanada: Ambrosia may be THE best apple!!! I have eaten 3 today, hubby may have eaten 5!

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