October 2019 – Have you gotten your hands on some Ambrosia yet?

Ambrosia apples harvestWhat a Harvest!

The picking started last month and now all growers have wrapped up this year’s Ambrosia apple harvest. We already have reports of BC Ambrosia apples at Farmers’ Markets, farmgate stores, and traditional grocery stores. Have you managed to bite into a fresh, crispy 2019 Ambrosia apple yet? We sure have and they’re delicious. Once again, all of the farmers’ hard work has proven to be well worth it.


Guacamole Just Got Fresher

We know you love Ambrosia apples. And, we’re betting you love guacamole, too. Can you believe that you never thought to put them together? Luckily, we did. We tested the Ambrosia Apple Guacamole recipe until it was perfect. And then, we made an easy-to-follow video so you can enjoy it for yourself. Don’t forget to make some Ambrosia apple chips for dipping!

Ambrosia apples

Stress-busting Snacks

The World Health Organization recently added ‘burnout’ to its International Classification of Diseases as a recognized medical condition. Being in a constant state of stress or in ‘burnout’ can lead to serious health problems. Stress has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, general inflammation (causing pain), mental illness, and digestive issues. The good news is, Ambrosia apples can be a tasty part of your stress management strategy. Find out how here.

Ambrosia apples breakfastStart Your Day Right

Few would refute that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It can also be the yummiest when you put Ambrosia apples in your scrambled eggs. Nutritious and delicious, this unexpected combination is sure to brighten your day and keep you smiling all morning. Grab the recipe here.

Canada Cup curling

Event Alert!

We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of Curling Canada again this season. Curlers and fans can enjoy Ambrosia apples at the Canada Cup in Leduc, AB from Nov. 27th to Dec. 1.

We’ll also be sharing beautiful, Ambrosia apple slices at Agribition in Regina from November 25 – 30. Stop by for a slice, say hello to an Ambrosia apple grower and take a selfie at our new Ambrosia apples selfie station.

See you there! If you can’t make it, connect with us virtually on Twitter,  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram