October 2022 – Smokin’ Good Ambrosia Apples…

Smokin’ Good Ambrosia Apples

This month, our test kitchen headed outside with the smoker. Read about the results and get a delicious new salad recipe.CLICK HERE.


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Around the World Takes us to Hungary

Hungarians consume more apples per capita than any other country in the world. We explore the association this Slavic country has to apples. CLICK HERE


Ambrosia apples Octoberfest


It’s October, when we celebrate all things German. We checked out the origins of Oktoberfest, and shared a few German-inspired recipes. CLICK HERE


Ambrosia apples

From the Archives – Questions from Consumers

We reached into the archives to answer a few popular questions from our sampling events. We hope to be with you all soon, sampling our delicious Ambrosia apples and answering any other questions you may have. 


Social Media Roundup

We always appreciate hearing from you on our social media channels. Here are a few of the many fantastic posts we get:

foodworxjen   @foodworxjen shared a picture from their Orchard display of Ambrosia apples! Who is excited for Harvest season!
beyond_hills_hobbyfarm   @beyond_hills_hobbyfarm shared their Ambrosia apple tree. We wonder what they will do with all their beautiful apples!
@ftvalleyfarm   @ftvalleyfarm describes Ambrosia apples in such a beautiful way, make sure to check out their post on Instagram!
@creeker_mama   @creeker_mama shared her Ambrosia apple pie and it looks delicious!

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