Sept 2021 – Early Days of Fall

Summer is nearly over, and Fall is upon us. Children have headed back to school — maybe with an Ambrosia apple for their teachers?, and our Ambrosia apple farmers are inspecting their trees, and thinning them to ensure only the most perfect apples are picked.

Start The Day Off RightAmbrosia apple breakfast

As the summer slowly transitions to fall, it’s more important than ever to start the day with a good breakfast. Here’s a simple recipe to ensure you, and your kids, enjoy the benefits of the most important meal of the day.

Ambrosia apples

Ambrosia Apple A Day Update

Patricia has eaten an Ambrosia apple every single day this year so far. “I continue to take my apple to work each day, and have even managed to get a few of my coworkers hooked!” she tells us. “He kept asking about my daily apple, so I finally told him about my challenge this summer. I told him about the challenge and although he’s not as committed as I am, I notice that he has an Ambrosia apple at least twice a week.” 

Eating Ambrosia apples is easy on the weekends, Patricia admits. “We’ll often slice a few and pair them with some cucumbers, cheese, and crackers, as we did here. Delicious!”


cooking with Ambrosia apples

Professional Chefs Cooking with Ambrosia Apples

We’ve had some amazing chefs cook with Ambrosia apples. Some call it “food porn,” and we think that these creations are worthy of the cheeky moniker. Do you have any favourites? Please share them with us on any of our social media channels…



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