Ambrosia Apples NewsletterWELCOME TO THE BC AMBROSIA APPLES NEWSLETTER – September 2017

September 2017 – Preparing to pick and packing up some deliciousness

Ambrosia apples school snack

Snacks for School

Back to school time always presents a challenge for parents – what food can I send to school that is both healthy and likely to be eaten. Ambrosia apples are a great choice because kids love them and they’re very healthy. We put together a few creative and yummy ways to slip them into school lunches. These ideas aren’t just for school kids – they’ll take your packed lunch to a new level too! Check them out here.

Ambrosia apples orchard

Preparing to Pick

We’re keeping a close eye on the Ambrosia apple trees these days. With strange weather and smoke from forest fires, the 2017 growing season has been unusual, but it looks like harvest time will be just a few days later than normal. And, Ambrosia growers report that the apples are looking really good this year!

Ambrosia apple grower

Meet One of Your Ambrosia Apple Growers

When Surinder Shergill came to Canada he knew he wanted to be a farmer. It took him 17 years of working in a factory to save enough money to buy his orchard. Now, he proudly grows Ambrosia apples in East Kelowna. Find out why he loves Ambrosia so much in this video.

Ambrosia apple juice

Juicing for Joy

Juicing is a health craze that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. There are many different ways to jump on this juicy health trend. Ambrosia apples make delicious juice so we thought we’d take a look at the best way to extract the nectar. You can find our comparison of different juicing options in our blog.

Ambrosia apples delicious

Quenching Combo

Speaking of juicing, we couldn’t help but swoon over the idea of Ambrosia apple juice mixed with lemonade. We saw it posted on Instagram by @PettyPitStop and it made our mouth water. What’s your favourite Ambrosia apple juice blend?

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