September 2019 – So close we can almost taste it!

Ambrosia apples harvestLet the Harvest Begin!

The wait is almost over! Ambrosia apples in BC’s most southern orchards (include the birthplace of Ambrosia apples, Cawston) are juuuust about ready to pick. There’s about a 2-week difference between harvest dates in the lower-lying southern orchards and those at elevation in the north Okanagan Valley. Keep your eyes peeled at your local farmer’s market over the next few weeks. You should have the opportunity to sink your teeth into a fresh-off-the-tree Ambrosia apple soon.

Ambrosia apples ice pops

Keep that Summer Feeling

Are you in denial that it’s almost fall? Keep the summer feeling going with a frozen treat. In a recent blog we shared a few fun recipe ideas for  Ambrosia apple ice pops. They’re yummy like a popsicle but so much healthier than the store-bought variety. Time-travel back to your youth (and summer) with just a few tasty licks. Find your favourite flavour here.

Ambrosia apples

Getting Active with Ambrosia 

If you love to get out and get active then you know that you need fuel to do it. We’re here to help! We created a guide for pairing the right Ambrosia apple snack with whatever activity you get up to. Take advantage of the great weather while we still have it and take Ambrosia along on your next adventure.

Ambrosia apples

Show Us Your Ambrosia!

We know you’re as excited as we are for the Ambrosia apple harvest. So, we want to see your first, fresh Ambrosia of the season. Take a picture and share it with us on social media: TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Remember to tag it #AmbrosiaHarvest so we know it’s your first of the season.

Ambrosia Apples