Snack Ideas for a Healthy & Happy Back-to-School

Ambrosia apple school snackSending kids back to school right

Along with the parental celebration of back-to-school, comes the daily chore of packing up lunches and snacks. It’s an ongoing struggle because all too often the healthy parts get ignored.  Parents know apples are healthy but they worry that they’ll go uneaten.

Many kids, especially younger ones, find a whole apple intimidating or too much work. So, the trick to including healthy apples is to pack them in a way that will ensure they get gobbled up.

Ambrosia is a great choice for packed lunches and snacks because kids love them and they are naturally slow to brown. This means that you can slice them up and put them in sealed plastic container and they’ll still look and taste fresh hours later.

However, if simple slices just won’t cut it, here are a few more snack and packable lunch ideas featuring Ambrosia apples.

Sandwich Slip

Ambrosia apples thinly sliced slide nicely into a variety of sandwiches. They add a nice bit of crunch and freshness to the bite. Try it with cheddar, peanut butter or for the more adventurous palate, hummus.

Get Saucy

Apple sauce doesn’t have to come loaded with preservatives. You can easily make your own and pop it into a reusable container to pack neatly into a lunch bag. Ambrosia makes a great apple sauce because it is slow to brown, which means it won’t go brown by lunchtime.

Dip Delicious

Sliced Ambrosia apples are much more likely to be eaten if you include a fun sauce to dip them in. Homemade caramel is one option, but if you want to keep things on the healthier side, try a seed or nut butter or whipped cream cheese.


Just because Ambrosia apples stay fresh after cutting doesn’t mean that fresh, and raw is the only way to pack then in a lunch. You could also try dehydrating them for a chewy and tasty treat. Transform them into Ambrosia apple chips or fruit leather for a fun change.

However you prepare them, Ambrosia apples make an excellent (and healthy) addition to a school lunch and are a perfect snack for after they get home. Not only are they yummy and convenient, they also help students sustain a good blood sugar level and have been found to aid in maintaining energy and mental focus.

With all of these benefits, Ambrosia apples are the clear pick to pack.