Summer in the Orchard

Ambrosia Apple - summer in the orchardDuring the summer, Ambrosia apple orchards in Canada are busy with activities to ensure a successful harvest. Here’s an overview of what happens during these crucial months:

Pruning: Skilled workers carefully prune the Ambrosia apple trees to maintain their structure and allow better airflow and sunlight exposure. Damaged or diseased branches are removed to promote healthy tree growth.

Irrigation: Efficient irrigation systems provide the trees the water they need to thrive. Proper watering ensures the development of juicy and succulent Ambrosia apples, even during hot summer months.

Pest and Disease Control: Orchardists closely monitor the apple trees for pests, and diseases such as mildew. They try to protect their trees from common threats like aphids and mites by using Integrated Pest Management strategies. Growers try to ensure that the apples remain pest-free and in pristine condition.

Fruit Thinning: Excess fruit is selectively removed from each tree, allowing the remaining apples to receive sufficient nutrients and sunlight. This process promotes optimal tree growth and fruit size, resulting in vibrant coloured Ambrosia apples with a delightful, crisp texture.

Monitoring and Care: Orchard owners and workers constantly monitor the trees for signs of stress, nutrient deficiencies, or disease. Additional care, such as fertilization or targeted treatments, is provided when necessary to ensure the trees receive proper attention and care.

In the heart of the Canadian summer, Ambrosia apple orchards thrive with dedicated growers nurturing the trees and overseeing every cultivation step. From pruning and irrigation to pest control and fruit thinning, these efforts contribute to creating perfect Ambrosia apples for the coming harvest!

Ambrosia Apples