“Of course. I used to eat gala but they were too soft. So my brother suggested ambrosia. Great suggestion. Always delicious.”


“These are the best apples I have ever eaten!! When I was a small child there was a local orchard in New England USA that grew a very large apple called a Pound Sweet and this is the only apple I have ever tasted that comes close to that!”


” I’ve always known the best fruit to eat were apples. But I could never find one that was perfect…too soft, too hard, too tart…until I saw ambrosia apples at walmart and they were labeled according to sweetness and crispness. Many times I had bought apples in the past , bought them and most were left uneaten. So, anyway, I decided to give them a try, now I’m eating two a day and look forward to eating my “dessert” or snack and not feel guilty. Now I’m worried that I won’t find them all year round.”

Janice Nihart

“I love your Ambrosia apple! I’m not a fruit eater and like apples cooked but at age 67 just have not eaten many fresh ones. That changed when I bought a bag of Ambrosia’s. I was hooked. I found myself going out of my way to find another bag. Thank you for growing this apple. I’ll never purchase any other brand.”

Mary Channell

“Living in Michigan we are very lucky to have many apples available to us. This past summer was the first time I came across the Ambrosia Apple and it was by far the BEST APPLE MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! The problem is, I cannot seem to find it anywhere now. I will usually shop at my local Meyer or Kroger in Brighton MI but they have not had this apple for months. I am praying it will come back to this part of the country soon WE MISS THE INCREDIBLE TASTE. LOVE THE AMBROSIA APPLE!!!!!”

Mrs. Bonnie Coley

“I fell in love with Ambrosia apples just a few years ago and I am one of its biggest proponents.  Just wanted you to know that I loved your website.  The  videos of the growers were very touching particularly the Sardinia story.   
Thank you for putting such a human touch to each of those stories but still getting the message out about the apple.
Well down.  Love the product.”


“I would like to thank you for your sponsorship at the Canada Cup in Brandon. My wife and I are an apple a day type of people, and while in Brandon, didn’t have the opportunity to get to a store. The ladies at the Ambrosia booth, were very pleasant, and introduced us to your brand of apple. I have to admit, they are much better, than the ones we usually buy. I think my wife made a trip to the booth 3 times a day. On return to Red Deer, our first trip to the store was to look for the Ambrosia Apple. It will be our brand to look for at the store from now on.
Again Thank you for your sponsorship, and a great product.”

Dave & Halga – Brandon, MB

“I live in Memphis TN.  I first noticed the Ambrosia apples in our local Sams Club and it was love at slice.  I’m not a big fan of apples but Ambrosia apples are scrumptious! 😊

Nita – Memphis, TN

“Had a chance to sample the Ambrosia apples at the Canada Cup in Brandon and have to admit the are really good, so in fact it made us change our brand to purchase in the future. Great product. Thanks to the Ladies who put on a great display.”

“I was a volunteer at the BC Men’s Curling Championship in Abbotsford two weeks ago, and it was a super event. Thank you for being a sponsor!
A real bonus was the apples you supplied. Every time I went down to the curling club I ate another one. In fact we were all talking about the apples. One of the guys was a chemist for a calcium company, and we even discussed the process of keeping apples fresh!
Next time my wife says “Pink Lady”, I’m going to say “Ambrosia”!
Thanks again!”

Robert – Abbotsford

“Thank you” for your sponsorship for the 2016 Home Hardware Canada Cup of Curling in Brandon MB.
It was there that I discovered Ambrosia apples! It was so refreshing to sample your apples – such a delicious treat. (Must admit I made a few trips to your booth!) Your apples are just the BEST!
Since Brandon, I found Ambrosia Apples at our Coop Store! Also, it is so convenient to be able to purchase large or small apples. Needless to say they are a staple in our home now…. I look forward to having an Ambrosia apple everyday!

Linda – Brandon, MB






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