Unwrapping the Magic of Holiday Recipes with Ambrosia Apples

‘Tis the season to indulge in the warmth of the holiday spirit, and what better way to celebrate than with the crisp sweetness of Ambrosia apples? 

We have compiled a list of some of our favourite holiday recipes from the Ambrosia Apple online recipe library to help make planning your holiday menu easier and delicious.

Ambrosia Apple and Feta Salad with Roasted Almonds Recipe: Ambrosia apples salad

Start your holiday meal on a refreshing note with a vibrant Ambrosia apple salad. Link: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/ambrosia-apple-feta-salad-with-roasted-almonds/



Ambrosia apple ciderSpicy Ambrosia Apple Cider Recipe:   

Elevate your holiday beverage game with a comforting cup of warm spiced Ambrosia apple cider – like a hug in a mug! Link: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/spicy-ambrosia-apple-cider-recipe/



ambrosia apple turkey stuffingAmbrosia Apple and Sausage Stuffing Recipe:

The sweetness of the Ambrosia apples pairs perfectly with the full flavours of sage and rosemary, and when combined with sausage, it creates a stuffing that’s both hearty and harmonious. Link: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/ambrosia-apple-and-sausage-stuffing-recipe/


Ambrosia apple and cranberry sauceAmbrosia Apple Cranberry Sauce Recipe:

Transform your holiday feast with the perfect balance of tart and sweet – our Ambrosia apple cranberry sauce is a must-have for every festive table

Link: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/recipe-ambrosia-apple-cranberry-sauce/


Ambrosia apple pieGrandma Gerry’s Ambrosia Apple Pie Recipe:

A perfect Ambrosia apple pie that we served with vanilla ice cream!  Link: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/in-the-test-kitchen-apple-pie/



These recipes and more can be found in our online Recipe Library. Visit: https://ambrosiaapples.ca/recipes/

As you gather with friends and loved ones this Holiday season – may your celebrations be filled with warmth, laughter, and the delicious taste of Ambrosia apples.

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