BC Ambrosia apples - the life of an apple

Life of An Ambrosia Apple – Video Series

View our series of informative videos to learn more about the life of an Ambrosia apple.

Ambrosia Apple Orchard Tour:

‘Bliss Break’ Contest Winner Judy Folk enjoyed a tour through the Dorenberg Orchard in Lake Country, BC as part of her grand prize weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day and the Amborsia apple trees were in full bloom. Join the tour and wander through the orchard with guide Madeleine van Roechoudt. You’ll meet the king bloom, find out why apple trees need variety and how Ambrosia apples manage to stay so crisp and juicy.

The Thinning Process – Ambrosia Apples:

Perfect apples don’t just grow on trees – they need the attention of a caring grower to make them big, beautiful and tasty. Find out how ‘thinning’ Ambrosia apples helps to ensure that only the best fruit makes it to market. 

When are Ambrosia Apples Ready to Pick?

How do farmers know when Ambrosia apples are ready to pick? The answer looks a little like a grade 5 science experiment in the middle of an apple orchard. Watch as experts test the levels of starch in a selection of Ambrosia apples in Coldstream, British Columbia, Canada to find out if the apples are sweet enough to pick yet.

Harvest Time

Ambrosia apples aren’t picked like other apples – it takes a discerning eye, a gentle touch and a love of the fruit. We head to an orchard in Lake Country, BC, Canada to find out exactly how these red and creamy-yellow apples make it to market.


Packing House

Have you ever wondered what happens to your Ambrosia apples after they leave the orchard? We show you how BC Ambrosia apples are processed and packaged to ship to your local grocery store.

Pruning Ambrosia Apple Trees (Winter in the Orchard)

It may not be the most thrilling job but pruning is an important part of growing big, beautiful Ambrosia apples.

Visiting an Ambrosia apple orchard during the winter months can be a cold, stark experience but critical work is taking place. We stop by Bob Thompson’s orchard in Summerland, BC to find out what Ambrosia apple growers like him are up to during the winter months.

Forget about taking a vacation while the trees sleep of the cold! Bob and his crew are busy trimming back the trees to ensure that each and every tree in the orchard gets some love and attention.

Whether this is the beginning of the apple growing process or the end, one thing is for sure – it’s a critical step that we need to appreciate when we bite into a big, juice Ambrosia.


Ambrosia Apples