Why Ambrosia Apples Are the Best Apple

Ambrosia applesEver since an apple picker took a bite of a yet-unnamed apple in a Cawston Orchard, Ambrosia apples have been winning over hearts and taste buds. But, why is this apple so easy to love? There’s actually science and psychology behind the answers:

We Eat With Our Eyes Then with Our Mouth

If you are naturally drawn to Ambrosia apples’ yellow and rosy-red, you’re not alone, and science has proven that Ambrosia’s bi-colour is more appealing. A study conducted at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Germany looked at whether consumers preferred a specific apple colour (published in European Fruit Magazine, 2014). One colour did not win out because consumers preferred bicoloured apples. Furthermore, participants in the study deemed red and yellow apples (like Ambrosia) to be associated with sweetness, freshness, juiciness, and natural.

Slower to Brown

We are conditioned to reach for the freshest looking food by nature. That’s why a freshly cut apple with juicy, white flesh will be eaten before one that’s oxidized. Ambrosia apples are slow to brown which means that they stay more appealing to us even after they’ve been cut open. Parents love Ambrosia apples because they cut them up for their children, wrap them up in an air-tight container and send their kids off to school knowing they’ll still be fresh-looking at snack time.


Nobody wants to work too hard to get to the good stuff. Ambrosia apples have a thinner skin which means they’re easy to bite into. This is great for the young and old – whether you’re wearing dentures or breaking in your brand new teeth – Ambrosia apples are the better choice. For everyone else, the thinner skin just makes eating an Ambrosia apple that much more enjoyable.

Crunchy Satisfaction

The love of Ambrosia apples is not only skin deep. The flesh of Ambrosia apples is firm and crunchy. Occupational therapists often recommend chewing crunchy foods because it helps to keep you calm and find focus. You may have experienced this sense of satisfaction and joy yourself when you’ve bitten into a crunchy Ambrosia apple.

It Goes Both Ways

For centuries, apples were categorized as either an eating apple or a baking apple. Ambrosia apples were able to breakfree from the limitations of these labels. Ambrosia apples are delicious when eaten raw but they also bake up beautifully in pies, cakes, and many savoury dishes. So, Ambrosia apples are the best because they satisfy people who prefer apples raw and people who would rather have them cooked.

Award-Winning Taste

And the final reason that we can confidently say that Ambrosia apples are the best – the public and the experts say so. In 2017 and 2018, an Ambrosia apple was crowned the Grand Champion of New Apple Varieties at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. And, consumers agree. Ambrosia apples are consistently a top selling apple variety.


Ambrosia Apples